Tunes of the Month January 2016

Each month i’m going to post a selection of tracks, singles and downloads, not on the albums I’ve reviewed that I have been listening. Here’s January:


  1. Radiohead- Spectre, given away as a free download and supposedly Radiohead’s submission for the most recent Bond movie, sounds like the band turning back the clocks and creating something rather beautiful, grab yourself a copy here:


2.  Porter Robinson- Flicker (Mat Zo remix)- I normally loathe the EDM sound but Mat Zo has done something a bit different with this remix from the end of 2014 using jungle style drums beneath EDM synths to give this track a unique vibe.


3.  Babyfather- Meditation- Babyfather are Dean Blunt and Arca and this track was released on Hyperdub if you need more hipster hype than that I don’t think you’ll find it. Has a bit of a trip hop vibe to it with lazy weed induced vocals from Dean Blunt.


4. Drake-  Summer Sixteen- A surprise release from Drake who seems to have new material out each month, probably easy to do when you don’t write all of it yourself, but debates and disses aboout ghostwriters aside, this is Drake releasing a strong diss track aimed at those detractors. Beats wise it’s more of the same (a little more lively perhaps) though with Drake that’s no bad thing. Sadly no link on this as all material is exclusive to Apple Music but hey you’ve got Itunes right?

5. Partisan-  Coming straight out of Reading and making what could best be described as heavy grime instrumentals Partisan has gained a lot of attention on the underground electronic scene with various online zines giving him huge props, with tracks like this it’s not hard to see why, again a free download:




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