February 26th- Benga Future Funk

Mental illness may be one of the last great taboos in the health sector. This sense is further amplified in the music industry with sufferers of mental illness such as Adam Ant previously being treated to ridicule and mocking.

Last year one musician featured in many publications attempting to put a halt to this stigma, that man was dubstep pioneer Benga.

At the height of his career, with chart success, prime time Radio 1 shows and festival slots Benga shocked many in the industry by announcing his retirement. What many didn’t know at the time but now do is that the producer was suffering with mental health difficulties.

Returning last year to the public eye to speak about his problems was incredibly brave and now this year sees a return to music with this release Future Funk.

The name of the EP is something of a giveaway the sound here is of a man still entrenched in UK bass culture but one who is looking at the future rather than harking back to past successes. Attempting to do this may be cathartic for Benga and it is certainly admirable considering everything else his has had to battle with.

Future Funk sounds refreshed, it is bass music reloaded and well worth a listen. If there is any justice the opening track of this album will be lighting up clubs across the country.

Huge plaudits to Benga for the struggle he has overcome and for making a future thinking and forward looking EP well worth picking up a copy just to support the man.



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