11th march- FabricLive 86- My Neu Leng


Not officially released till March 18th however I have been fortunate through a Fabric membership to get my mucky paws on this release a week early. The Fabric series has been through some slow times at the start of this year with a mundane mix from Jesse Rose released as part of the Fabriclive series. That said with brillaint mixes by Mumdance, Dub Phizix and Joris Voorn 2015 was always going to be a hard year to follow. However things start to hot up a bit with this addition to the series by My Neu Leng.

My Neu Leng specialise in what could loosely and awfully be termed bass music. That is they take a wide selection of hard hitting bass bangers and turn them into something that could set any roof on fire. Fabriclive 86 sees them cover many basses (pun intended) including bassline, grime, house, jungle, drum and bass and UK Garage.

The duo adopt a rapid fire style to their mixing perhaps influenced by the DJs they would have grown up with such as DJ EZ and DJ Q and cover some 30 tracks in 80mins. And each track is a bass based beauty.

The mix is most thrilling when the tunes hark back to bassline house, a UK genre which excited and thrilled but was all too short lived especially in the South of the country. These tracks serve as a reminder of the potential and excitement of the genre and what could have been if it had not been marred by violence, police raids and drug problems.

Elsewhere My Neu Leng slot in icy synth led grime and several tracks which hark back to early jungle and UK Garage . There is enough of an influence from the early nineties UK rave scene to say that many of those who were there first time around would take some enjoyment from this set.

With a mix of this standard My Neu Leng’s growing stock will only rise faster and as for  Fabric it’s good to have the mix series back on form.  Listen below for a preview of the Fabric mix.


Purchases can be made here:




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