Tunes of the month- March 2016

  1. Chemical Brothers- Wide Open- Released last year but with a new video this year. The video is stunningly beautiful with incredible dancing and special effects check it out below:

2. Total Science returned this month with a banging new EP, Notes of Blue, this one is certainly for all the old school drum and bass heads out there with this track Contraband being an old school jungle referencing highlight:


3. Venetian Snares released his new album Traditional Synthesizer Music to a luke warm reception. However the track She Married a Chess Computer in the End is an absolute banger and well worth hearing even if the rest of the album isn’t.


4. FKA Twigs can seemingly do no wrong at the moment and released Good to Love as a non album track at the start of this year, simple and beautiful with the video featuring stunning dancing.


5. Charli XcX has produced a mixed career she clearly has buckets of talent and personality but has so far produced her best work as a wirter for other artists. That could be about to change as she has been teaming up with the PC Music crew the first fruits of that partnership are the Vroom Vroom EP, experimental and exciting pop at its best. Also worth checking out is her recent collaboration with French genius Mr Oizo.



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