February 22nd- Gaika- Security

Security is the 2nd album from Brixton MC Gaika and the second album he has released for free after previous effort Machine.

 Gaika’s sound is a sound of darkness taking in a mix of grime, dancehall, time stretched vocals and deep bass. Lyrically he sets out to portray the dark underside of London alongside lust and emotion.

 The opening spoken word intro followed by the exceptional GKZ with its slowed down trap drum rolls and dancehall vocals are as an exciting start to any album released this year. Both tracks plunge you into a London of darkness where getting drunk as fuck is a way to deal with the horrors and violence that surround you.

 Throughout the album Gaika employs vocoders and auto-tuned vocals to brilliant effect distorting and twisting his vocals into something which again reflects the darkness of the city around him and the stories he is telling.  These techniques are brilliantly in effect on the dancehall inspired and lust driven Buta, which features MC Serocee and is perhaps one of the strongest tracks on Security.

 Meanwhile White Picket Fences deals with wealth inequality, lack of political representation and social injustice, it’s a stark closing track to the album and takes on many of the lyrical themes of someone like Akala. It’s perhaps worth noting that thematically Security is the perfect partner to Babyfather’s album BBF with both portraying the dark side of London life in a way that doesn’t rely on road MCs.

 Much of the brilliance of Security is found not only within Gaika’s lyrics but within the beats employed throughout the album, which are heavy, bass-y and dark they come across like a slowed down version of trap and dancehall and provide the album with a claustrophobic feeling. You can easily imagine Gaika is a big fan of The Bug.

 Grime is currently going through a huge boom period as everyone from Skepta to Novelist and Stormzy gain commercial attention. However, none of them sound like Gaika. This is a real credit to the Brixton MC he has found his own style and flow tied much closer to Dancehall than UK Garage, and it works.

 Background sound and noise are equally important on Security this is most obvious on Knuckleduster where strange noises pop off behind what might be the heaviest bass on any release this year. Everything is brilliantly employed though to feel the full impact of the production you’ll need a good set of headphones.

 Much like London itself Security is an album that is dark, beautiful and frightening. It is a stunning release from Gaika and further proof that the UK’s MCs are diversifying, growing and producing some truly stand out albums. The fact that Gaika has made this release available for free is an even greater incentive for owning a copy.

Get your free Gaika download here- http://www.mixpakrecords.com/gaika/



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