June 3rd- Gold Panda- Good Luck and Do Your Best

At the dawn of this millennium there was a rise in the popularity of groups making downtempo, chilled out hip hop, dub and drum and bass inspired music. Groups like Royksopp, the Avalanches, Aim, DJ Shadow and UNKLE to name just a few. It is very apparent from the first few seconds of Good Luck and Do Your Best that Gold Panda was listening intently to those artists.

Gold Panda’s latest release takes downtempo inspiration, plenty of sampling and adds a modern twist to provide something which feels both as if it has one ear in the past and one in the future.

Production throughout is lush with In My Car feeling particularly beautiful with its swooping Oriental strings and sampled almost unintelligible vocal. Equally as lovely is Pink and Green, which contains a chilled house vibe but again uses samples and loops of orchestral instrumentation to great effect.

Aside from downtempo and hip hop the influence of other genres is hugely apparent. Chiba Nights especially contains a chilled house vibe which could easily close out a set by any of the current crop of house renaissance DJs.

Good Luck and Do Your Best is kept incredibly short and nothing over stays its welcome coupled with the variety of samples and styles on show here the album is an attention grabber in a genre which has often been accused of failing to keep the full attention of its listeners over the course of an album.

Gold Panda’s stock was already rising prior to the release of this album and based on the quality of material on show here expect his stock to only grow from strength to strength, a cult following similar to Four Tet’s beckons.


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