June 24th- Olafur Arnalds- Late Night Tales

One of the standout mixes of last year was that which Nils Frahm contributed to the hugely respected Late Night Tales series. Following the positive reception for that release Late Night Tales have recruited Frahm’s friend and sometimes collaborator Olafur Arnalds to mix the latest release.

 The overall chilled vibe of the Late Night Tales series is of course retained as always and Arnalds is a perfect curator for this style effortlessly moving between chilled electronica and neo-classical string-laden tracks. The effect not only creates an album perfect for bed time but one which pulls all the right emotional strings. The tracks on show are truly beautiful.

 One of the plus points of a Late Night Tales release is the freedom which is given to the artist mixing the album and this is evident here. The tracks selected from Four Tet to Arnalds own efforts genuinely feel like tracks the artist himself enjoys and feels passionate about. Attaining this feeling can turn a run of the mill mix album into a classic, and this album has every sense of a classic about it.

 Arnalds has become known in the UK for his music being used in several high profile and often dark TV series. Those who found appeal in that side of his work will also find enjoyment in this album. As this is not purely a mix album for electronic music fans but one which can be enjoyed by music lovers of all persuasions.

 Once you’ve finished listening to Late Night Tales by Olafur Arnalds you will be left asking the question. Who thought that being sent to sleep could be so engaging and enjoyable?



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