Albums of 2017 (So Far)

I haven’t posted any reviews this year as it was a one year project however I thought I’d share with you all a list of albums released in 2017 that I’d recommend you listen to, check some of them out, find something new and enjoy:

  1. Sampha- Process
  2. Syd- Fin
  3. Gorillaz- Humanz
  4. Slowdive- Slowdive
  5. The XX- I See You
  6.  Turinn- 18 ½ Min Gaps
  7. Bonobo- Migration
  8. TQD- UKG
  9.  Teenage Girl Fantasy- 8am
  10.  Spurz- Loud Futures
  11.  Sherwood & Pinch- Man Vs Sofa
  12.  Coldcut & Sherwood- Outside the Echo Chamber
  13. Luke Vibert- UK Garave
  14.  Kendrick Lamar- Damn
  15.  Jlin- Black Origarmi
  16.  Ghosting- Ghosting
  17.  Nyege Nyege Tapes- Sounds of Sissoo
  18.  Special Request- Fabriclive 91
  19.  Preditah- Fabriclive 92
  20. Charli XcX- No.1 Angel
  21.  Calibre- The Deep
  22.  The Bug & Earth- Concrete Desert
  23.  PC Music- Month of Mayhem
  24. Alt-J- Relaxer
  25. Rat Boy- SCUM (Deluxe edition not standard)
  26. Croww- Prosthetics
  27.  Brand New- Science Fiction
  28. Dizzee Rascal- Raskit
  29. Mr Mitch- Devout
  30.  Steffi- Fabric 94
  31.  DJ Tennis- DJ Kicks
  32.  Mura Masa- Mura Masa
  33.  Lorde- Melodrama
  34.  Murlo- Club Coil
  35.  Nathan Fake- Hives

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