Quarter 1 Report 2018

Each quarter I will be updating this blog with some listening material from the last 3 months, so without further delay here’s Quarter 1 2018:


  1. DJ Taye- Still Trippin’– Footwork has morphed and grown substantially since the release of Planet MU’s infamous compilation Bangs and Works in 2011 and whilst some feared the passing of DJ Rashad would damaged the scene he helped to create. However, rather than become muted those he inspired and nurtured have pushed Footwork closer to global acceptance and here on Still Trippin’ DJ Taye pushes the Footwork sound out of Chicago even further. Through his own raps and collaborations Taye takes the basic sound of footwork bolts on some hip hop and creates something new and exciting.


2. The Go Team- Semicircle– The Go Team have always been best heard through a set of headphones and that does not change here. Play this through your crappy laptop speakers and Semicircle will sound like a cacphony of noise. However, a closer listen reveals the same joyous sounds, harmonies and choas that past Go Team albums have. Stepping away from a live band sound and returning closer to the Go team’s debut album Semicricle sounds like 80s hip hop meets the music American Marching Band.


3. Superorganism- Superorganism– At times childish, at times sounding like the Avalanches and MGMT, there is something both wonderfully fun and silly about Superorganisms’ debut, sometimes music doesn’t need to be intelligent, just sit back and enjoy.


4. Nils Frahm- All Melody- Nils continues his move away from contemporary classical and closer towards techno supergod not to say that this album has been made on a laptop, it’s all analogue here, and one of the live thrills of this year has been watching Frahm re-create All Melody live.


5. Young Fathers- Cocoa Sugar- There’s moments on Cocoa Sugar where you believe that Young Fathers really are making a push for the mainstream with their third album proper. Then there’s those experimental moments where you are keenly aware Radio 1 playlists are the furtherest thing from their mind.


6. Everything is Recorded- Everything is Recorded– What do you do when you are the multi-millionaire boss of perhaps the world’s most successful and respected indie record label? Well if you are Richard Russell you go away and make an impeccable album of modern soul and UK rap. Recorded with the same vibe and feeling as Russell’s work with the late great Bobby Womack Everything is Recorded is the sound of a man having fun and making something beautiful in the mix.


7. George Fitzgerald- All that Must Be– Following on from last year’s smash hit Burns, George Fotzgerald releases an album of subtle beats and gentle house, which proves that neither of those sounds have to be as generic and boring as some artists would try to convince you.


8. Go Go Penguin- A Humdrum Star– The UK’s contemporary Jazz scene continues to boom as of late and a Humdrum Star is a beautiful piano led addition to this.


9. Christoph De Babalon- If you’re into it I’m out of It– With the current rise of the jungle sound once again and the growing acclaim for ambient releases there could be no better time for a release of Christoph De Babalon’s dark and sometimes distrubing contribution to the the mid 90s jungle canon. Originally released on Alec Empire’s Digital Hardcore imprint in 1997 there is no better time than now to re-engage with Christoph De Bablon’s If You’re into it I’m Out of It.


10. Various Artists- The Fifth Column– Jungle is back or may be never went away depending on your viewpoint. However the guys behind Rupture LDN, a regular Jungle night at London’s Corsica Studios, are ready to reinject the jungle vibe into the current turgid drum and bass sound. Fifth Column sees Rupture Ldn gather together a slew of recent releases from their label which really do sound like a breath of fresh air in the face of Liquid and Jump Up sounds. This one is fat like your mother.